Tinnitus Healing
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This website promotes:

  • Belief in your ability to achieve a deeper sense of wellbeing; there are always opportunities to bring balance to your body, mind and emotions.

  • Listening to your bodies needs and learning to love yourself.

  • Becoming more present- giving fear less power and increasing your ability to be with what is in this moment; and bring to it nurturing thoughts and actions.

  • Understanding the connection between body, mind and energy, and how mind and energy impact our life and are keys to transformation.

  • The powerful medicine that lies within our hearts.

Inner peace is achievable.


Ebook available from this website


a guide for self-management & holistic healing for chronic tinnitus

Empowering and equipping you with tools to help you to achieve deeper balance and well-being and create the best conditions for tinnitus to improve. Helping you to navigate through the various challenges we face, and nurture yourself to wellness.

Regain control of your life and mind with this fascinating and deeply insightful guide through the doubt and anxieties of living with tinnitus. This book is not a hollow program of quick-fixes, empty promises and unproven methods. It is a well-researched and sourced guide on the many avenues of treatment for both body and mind, as well as an open and honest account of a woman’s journey through pain, anxiety and the hard-earned acceptance of tinnitus.
This is much more than a checklist on how to stop the ringing in your ears. Journeying with tinnitus takes a painfully isolating symptom and demonstrates the methods and mindset needed to transform it into a positive and influential force in your life. Anna Hunt’s beautifully caring and honest voice radiates true passion, making this book a warm and loving read for anyone struggling with tinnitus.
— S. Newman





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