This website has been created to provide some empowering information to anyone who is currently struggling with tinnitus. I have been through quite a big journey with it myself since 2014, though I bring good news… I have found things which have helped me, and it has got a lot better, despite it becoming very sensitive, loud and uncomfortable at times. Yes, it can feel scary, but I want to help to ease your anxieties around it. No matter how bad things are right now, things can always get better. Drill that into your belief system, no matter how much your fear says otherwise.

I have been on a deep healing journey with tinnitus, which was triggered by being taken to my limit in stress. It has been life changing, and as difficult as that can be during the time, it has been an incredibly powerful teacher, transforming the relationship i have with my mind, body and emotions, and connected me with the truth of being.

Healing is a deep transformative process that unravels when we deeply question our suffering- there must be another way. For the heart to close up is no option, instead we learn to hold its tenderness so it may grow in strength- we choose love, we choose life. When we create life from a place of disharmony, this will be reflected in external situations. Sometimes life asks us to slow down, look within ourselves and connect with the truth of our being, so that we may create life from here, harmonious with our nature.

We need to go back to the foundations of simply Be-ing. What are we? Who are we? How do we manage this energy that flows through us, relating with it more lovingly and less fearfully. How do we direct it towards nurturing goodness in life. Healing prays that we may become internally lighter, allowing fear and pain to transform into love, faith, courage and compassion.

May we re-enliven and deepen our relationship with the entirety of nature and the aspects of our self- body, mind and soul- so that we may live in our truest nature, and in receptivity to the feedback life gives us so that we may co-create our reality in harmony and interconnectivity with nature and spirit.