Communing with Nature

I am currently dwelling in a remote area in the Scottish borders. There are spaces of wilderness where clear water trickles over rocks, through valleys covered in mosses, ferns, wild flowers and grasses. There is a lot of beauty in these hills. Not many crops are grown out here, there is mainly sheep farming and Pine wood. The Pine trees cover miles of these hills, making them look lusciously green from a distance. Though by 5am 10 lorries have already passed by on their way up to harvest as much as they can manage during the daylight hours.

I understand that we need resources. I also understand that organised planted wood harvested on 60 year rotation is better than cutting down precious virgin forests. But have you ever walked around these tree plantations? The trees are often planted so close together there is no light whatsoever inside, nothing else can grow. It feels dark and repressive inside. Life is not sown here to thrive, it is sown to reap the most goods, with no consideration for the depleted soils, or the value of life energy. We just take and take and take, with what thanks? And there is no escape from this feeling, this knowing that our planet is being consumed at an extremely uncomfortable pace. And the question that burns inside me is how can we give back? How can this be balanced? Apologetically I explain through my thoughts that this is just a crazy stage humans are going through and that there are many people who are actively trying to make a difference.

I was wandering about and stumbled upon an area of real woodland, containing mostly Larch and some Beech and Ash trees. I'm not sure how old this woodland is, but some of the trees are very tall, it feels pretty mature. I entered, stepping over and through lots of ferns and green leafy vegetation, which there is plenty of because the trees are more spacious. I feel elated. It starts to rain but this only seems to add to the feeling of being fully alive, as if through joining the trees in this woodland I became part of the life contained within it, which only amplified my own energy.

My heart has been feeling weary recently. It doesn’t quite know if it's okay to open up fully. I know that this isn’t helpful for others or myself and I desperately want to heal. I know I am not alone in this, we become closed and protective, fearful and untrusting. But our heart connection brings us so much energy that we lock ourselves away from when we close down. I've been trying to figure out what it is that wants to keep my heart wrapped up, on a limited tap. There is some woundedness, having left it fragile. I want it to know that it is okay to open more, and more, and more.

I felt called back to this woodland and found a different entry point to explore a new part of it. I was traipsing through and came up to a tree which had an inviting feeling. I stood with my back against it feeling it. I felt a connection at a point in my back that I realised was right behind my heart. I focused on sharing energy with this tree and then something beautiful happened. My heart felt cool, it spread wide open and felt so light. It was as though something helped it to r-e-l-a-x and expand. I closed my eyes and all around me spreading as far as my mind could perceive felt so light, so life bringing, so nurturing. I opened my eyes and smiled widely at the vibrant colours. The woodland giggled. Everything was so still and simultaneously in rhythm and full of melody.

We walk about experiencing the interior of our minds, which can be such a jumble of energies and often leaves us feeling low. How about walking in our hearts; feeling the world, feeling nature and feeling each other, rather than making constant mental commentary. 

Nature has so much magic to share with us, while we are mostly just concerned with the profit she can make us. She is full of unconditional love, gifts and wisdom. Whatever your'e holding, feelings, fragility, questions; we can offer it up to nature. Just share the truth of our experience and surrender it. If we stay open, we may feel an unexpected response. 

Through inner stillness, there is space open for nature to say something to us.

May we listen.

Anna HuntComment